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Las Vegas Tribune

“JOHNNY STUART, A Creative Man Who Stands Out in Las Vegas and the World”

Sandy Zimmerman (6/10/2022)
The Man who Creates/Produces/and Directs all type of live shows: JOHNNY STUART is like an artist, taking an idea and building all of the pieces needed, from every angle: the talent, lighting, staging, script, special effects, blocking, adding the latest innovations and ideas. Stuart knows how to produce today’s modern production show, whether the theme is past or present he has always been ready! His unique abilities are needed to bring Las Vegas back to it’s past glories.

With hit after hit, Johnny Stuart’s success is obvious and known. See the wide venues he has covered, here in Las Vegas, the US and around the world.

Stuart is the originator of “Legends in Concert”, the first stage show to feature males performing female impressions. This jewel within an attractive staging and production is celebrating 50 years in Las Vegas. What an achievement, 50 years, very few can say that!

Known throughout the years from back in Las Vegas’ “golden era,” Maestro Johnny Stuart, Producer/Director/Creator of World Famous “Legends in Concert” as well as many other live shows appearing now in Las Vegas. Stuart’s multiple choices of the shows he produces are varied in themes.

Not satisfied with only one show at a time, Stuart’s major production companies focus on multiple productions. Stuart is a man who has a lot to say with his shows, and he has the ability to design some of the most dazzling new shows reminiscent of earlier times.

He has several new shows here now and more will also be coming to Las Vegas! These are DON’T-MISS shows that stand out from all the rest. Stuart is one of the few persons who can run the gamut from concept to creation of a new show.

When the show is a Johnny Stuart production, YOU KNOW IT IS GOOD! 



St. Louis Dispatch

Keith Clinton To Produce New Documentary Movie
on Las Vegas Music Promoter Johnny Stuart

Craig Workman (5/25/2021)
A new documentary movie on the life and career of Johnny Stuart, the creator and producer of the ‘Legends in Concert’ musical show in Las Vegas and other music venues around the country for the past 38 years, will be created and produced by Keith Clinton of St. Louis-based KC Productions in association with Las Vegas-based Johnny Stuart Productions. Mr. Vegas: The Johnny Stuart Story will look inside Stuart’s 50+ year career in Las Vegas entertainment, where he created the industry’s first ‘impersonator’ music show honoring Elvis Presley and then helped grow the genre into the largest segment of the professional music show industry today. The movie will be completed later this year in conjunction with the post-pandemic relaunching of shows by Johnny Stuart Productions in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other venues nationwide.

Keith Clinton is an American content producer and owner of KC Productions, a St. Louis-based multimedia production company that specializes in creating content for television and social media platforms. Prior to starting his company, Keith performed as a stand-up comedian and actor and has worked with actors Bill Murray and Adrien Brody and comedians Rickey Smiley, Tommy Davison and the late Shirley Hemphill.

“The life and career of Johnny Stuart is an important American story that needs to be told. His creativity and vision spawned the longest-running self-produced and award-winning music production in America while maintaining marriage and family,” said Keith Clinton. “I met Johnny Stuart while in Las Vegas last year and now I am honored to be producing this important documentary on Las Vegas’ most noted personality.”

“I am looking forward to working with Keith Clinton and KC Productions on my documentary,” said Stuart. “His talent, integrity and enthusiasm for this project are a good fit with my vision and resources. We intend to distribute this documentary through major movie distribution channels and also show it to audiences in conjunction with our shows beginning in 2022.”

Las Vegas Review Journal

Blond Invasion The ShoW

John Katsilometes (4/4/2019)

“Legends in Concert” founder John Stuart is back in the tricute business with “Blond Invasion The Show,” paying homage to Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. The production opens April 16 at V Theater at Miracle Mike Shops at Planet Hollywood

This means Vegas presents three Gagas: The original at Park Theater, the character in the current “Legends” show at Tropicana played by Tierney Allen, and the upcoming portrayal (xast members not announced).

“This is a live event show-goers can’t get anywhere else,” Stuart says. “Instead of having a rotating cast of tribute characters, ‘Blond Invasion’ showcases platinum recording artists still topping the charts. You’ll hear their individual songs and as well as medleys. The cast is backed by a phenomenal troupe of male dancers and stage effects. It‘s really a big show.”

Las Vegas Sun

John Stuart of ‘Legends in Concert’ – will be honored in Las Vegas

John Katsilometes (4/18/2006)

There was a time when mentioning the name John Stuart did not conjure images of “The Daily Show.” But today we draw a distinction: This John Stuart (whose first and last names are spelled differently than, but sound the same as, Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”) is the founder of “Legends in Concert” at the Imperial Palace. And this John Stuart will be honored next month by the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

Stuart will be recognized on May 30 at the IP during the Celebrity Impersonators Convention. The event will be held following the convention’s Talent Showcase and Brunch in the Legends Showroom.

Stuart founded “Legends in Concert” in 1983. Impress your friends by knowing that the original “Legends” lineup was Sheri Rae Parker (Janis Joplin), Phil Sadalla (Bobby Darin), George Trulinger (Buddy Holly) and Susie Griffiths (Marilyn Monroe).

In March, Stuart was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Reel Awards in Palm Springs, Calif., for his contributions to the entertainment industry.


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